We would like to present to you a Unique Know-How innovative technology of search and prospecting of mineral deposits – “Remote-Vision”. Imagine that you have the ability to “see” mineral deposits underground. It will allow to promptly carry out diagnostics of units presented at a tender, search of deposits in territories of various complexity (despite of military operations, weather and geological conditions), detailed prospecting of deposits and receive their real volume shapes, define optimum drilling points and estimate prospects of drilling of any other wells, create mineral deposits maps of territories and regions and solve many other geophysical tasks.

Our Vision.


Company's Mission

Company's mission is the increase of efficiency of use of nonrestorable natural resources and development of alternative energy.


Company's Goals

Company's main work goals are: creation and introduction of high-end innovative technologies that increase efficiency of use of nonrestorable natural resources of the Earth, and also innovative technologies of alternative energy.

Company Profile.

Distant Definition

Is an innovative company oriented in its work towards up-to-date high-end technology in the field of utilization of natural resources and alternative energy.


Company's Objectives

One of the most urgent theoretical and practical problems in the field of utilisation of natural resources solved by BTI green energy, is the following:


  • Search of mineral deposits on land and shelf of the Earth,

  • Detailed prospecting of parameters of deposits,

  • Optimization of the subsequent development of deposits.

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