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Bottled Drinking Water Plant Installation (investment is requiered)


The project scope is to find the underground fresh water deposit and establish the Bottled Drinking Water plant.

• According to the last studies of PMU (Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University), Saudi Arabia currently produces approximately 6,400-8,000 million m3 of water each year. 
• Existing water demand is more than 17,000 million m3/year. 
• Annual water deficit in Saudi Arabia is more than 9,000 million m3. 
• Drinking water share in whole water deficit is approximately 0.25%, which is 22.5 million m3 and this figures will rice up year to year.

The minimal investment amount is 2,300,000 USD (plant turnover 17,000,000.00 USD per year) and the   maximal investment amount is 5,000,000 USD (plant turnover 45,000,000.00 USD per year)


Hospital Construction 


It is planned to construct the 350 beds Hospital on Riyadh City 


Desalination Plant Construction


It is planned to construct the 150 m3/h capacity Desalination Plant and Riyadh City water pipeline extension in Saudi Arabia by the year of 2021.


Solar Plant Construction 


- 100Mw Solar PV Plant in Pakistan North Punjab

- 100Mw Solar PV Plant in Pakistan South Punjab

- 100Mw Solar PV Plant is Kazakhstan

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